Mini Personal 850 and 1900

Tired of droped calls & poor reception on your Iphone? Fix it today!

There are several products on the market that quite frankly do not live up to their promises. However Wireless Coverage Solutions products set the bar as world-class products engineered for consumers from the same technology implemented by the carriers. They work by capturing a signal with a high gain external aerial antenna. The signal input is fed to the repeater, which in turn amplifies and rebroadcasts a strong and clear signal in your home/office or vehicle.

Get one today and see the difference!

Package Includes:

WCS003 55dB amplifier, WCS021 Dual Band Panel WCS099 Whip Antenna, MRE114 30 ft. WCS400 coax cable, AC Power Supply, User manual Mounting kit.

Product Features:

  • Voice and Data boosted on every single network provider

  • Signal boosted wirelessly throughout entire home

  • Supports multiple users

  • Complete kit

  • Works with every model of iPhone and every other mobile phone on the market.

  • Automatic configuration, plug and play

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